Friday, May 31, 2013

DJ Scream - The Ratchet Superior [EP]

Front Cover:
Back Cover:

01. The Ratchet Superior Intro
02. National Champs Ft. Rick Ross (Prod. by The Renegades)
03. Come Up Off Of That Ft. Juicy J, The Migos & Project Pat (Prod. by Juicy J & Crazy Mike)
04. Ceelo Ft. Future, Wale & Ludacris (Prod. By TM88 & Southside)
05. Hustlaz Intuition Ft. Ace Hood, Gunplay & Ox From Belly (Prod. by Sonny Digital)
06. On The Plug Ft. Travis Porter (Prod. by London On Da Track, TM88 & Southside)
07. MWZC Ft. Waka Flocka, Gucci Mane & Project Pat (Prod. by Izze The Producer)
08. Give It Up Ft. Verse Simmonds & Kirko Bangz (Prod. by Dj Spinz)
09. Hoodrich Anthem (HxV Remix) Ft. Trinidad James, 2 Chainz, Future, Waka Flocka, Yo Gotti & Gucci Mane

Yung Gwapa Ft. Mykko Montana - Dat #1

"Dat #1" featuring Mykko Montana is set to appear on Yung Gwapa's upcoming Tru Liez mixtape.


J Peguero - Callin [Video]

Brooklyn bred rapper J. Peguero has already been heralded by MTVU and MTV Jams as an artist on the verge following the release of his acclaimed mixtape, A Tale of Two Cities. Peguero, who is signed to RedStar Entertainment, saw a great deal of success with the lead single off the project, the Trina-assisted single "Turnt Up" and recently released his newest single "Callin’", a heartfelt anthem currently impacting radio.


Monday, May 20, 2013

Yung Gwapa - Intro [Mixtape Video]

Video from Yung Gwapa's "Intro" off the 6G mixtape available now.

David Cash Ft. E-40, Problem, Clyde Carson - Chevy Remix [Video]

Remix for David Cash's "Chevy" feat. E-40, Problem & Clyde Carson. Produced by DJ Mustard. Directed by Rob "Rez" Gales.


Forever Friday - Can't Wait Til Friday (Hosted by DJ X-Rated) [Mixtape]

Val - Nothing 2 Lose Everything 2 Gain [Mixtape]

Bankroll - Po' It (prod by 12 Hunna x Leek-e-Leek)

Bankroll releases the video for "Po' It" produced by GBE's 12 Hunna & Leek-e-Leek.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Retro - The Average College Kid [Mixtape]

The Rock Mob - From Rock 2 Riches (Hosted by Swamp Izzo) [Mixtape]

feat. Rocko, Future, Jim Jones, Young Scooter, more

Direct Link:
Front Cover:

1. Getting That Money
2. Ounces and Grams
3. Say Nun Ft. Rocko and Future
4. Wild Out
5. What Up Fresh Ft. Short Dawg
6. I Be on That Money Shit Ft. King
7. 1000 Grams
8. Time To Clock In Ft. Duece Poppi
9. Clock In Ft. Jim Jones
10. All I See Is the Money Ft. Rocko
11. Dope Game
12. Cake Up
13. Winning
14. For the Love of Money Ft. Young Scooter
15. Rocky Balboa
16. Got Me A Check Ft. Blue Marley

Twitter/Instragram/FB: @TheRockMob

Young Chizz - Mobbin


Jersey Doe Ft. Gucci Mane - Smash You


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bubby Ft. Stuey Rock - When You See Me


Yung Gwapa - 6G [Mixtape]

Direct Link:
Front Cover:

01. Intro
02. Geekin'
03. Bad Habits Feat. Young Scooter & HNS
04. Do Sum'n Feat. Yung LA
05. Cross The Water Feat. Trapboi Blak
06. Street Nigga Feat. Lil Mouse
07. Add It Up
08. Trigga Da DJ Check In!
09. Master P
10. Set It Off
11. Bandz On Me
12. See Me Like That Feat. Yung LA
13. Cucci
14. That Hoe Feat. Mykko Montana
15. Re-Up Feat. Future & Young Scooter
16. Cutt Like That
17. Make A Million
18. Business Man
19. Shoot 2 Kill

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Future x Big Bank Black – These Eyes


DOWNLOAD: Future x Big Bank Black – These Eyes

100% Ent Presents - Put It On

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DOWNLOAD: 100% Ent Presents – Put It On
DOWNLOAD: 100% Ent Presents – Put It On (radio)

Rellik - Latest Drug On the Streets [Mixtape]

Tiffany Foxx - On Set

Since Tiffany Foxx hit the scene with Hip-Hop icon and mentor Lil Kim this year, the world hasn’t been able to get enough of this  talented St. Louis artist. “On Set”, Tiffany's single produced by Bradd Young & Vega, is set to appear on the G.O.A.L. Diggers mixtape dropping May 27, 2013. Tiffany Foxx has also recently released her own G.O.A.L. Diggers addition to the famed Gorgeous Gangsters clothing line “DRUGS”. Main:

Twitter & Instagram: @1TiffanyFoxx

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Runway Richy - Fuck Wit Ya

As he readies for the release of UH-OH!, Atlanta resident and New Orleans native Runway Richy debuts the first single "Fuck Wit Ya." Associated with acts such as DJ Holiday, The Commission, B.o.B and Playboy Tre, Richy got his start with the Atlanta group Born Wit It under the alias Snipe, releasing two joint projects. UH-OH!, which will be hosted by Beer n' Tacos & The Commission, marks the first solo effort from the young artist. Runway Richy will be performing at Beer n' Tacos May 8th at 595 North in Atlanta.

Mixtape Artwork:

Twitter: @itsrunwayrichy
Instagram: @runwayrichy
Facebook: runway richy

INTERVIEW: DJ ACE with SupaStars Magazine

SupaStars magazine's sitting down with Dj Ace the official Dj for BrickSquad Monopoly seeing how things have been on his side lately...

SSM-Starting off why don't you tell us how you got linked up with waka and became part of the Squad?

Ace-Well man I did wakas first mixtape salute me or shoot me vol. 1 then hit the 2nd 3rd an 4th one twin towers. I started out being Gucci Manes road manager and Dj, waka wasn't around at this time so from goin from Gucci to so Icey boys then waka started rappin an asked me to do his first mixtape, I didn't believe it but two months later he came with it then went from there to the others.

SSM-what made you wanna become a Dj?

Ace-I been around music all my life my dad was a drummer, my mom was a singer they had their band. I was on the road with them and just being around the old school Dj's at the time like Dj Herb an Dj Jelly and seeing them rock the crowd and get it hype, really I wanted to be a rapper but it wasn't working out got in trouble went to prison. I started Djing in 10th grade at parties then from there basketball games then my first club gig when I was 17.

SSM-what's your Fanbase like?

Ace-Believe it or not I got a big buzz in the Midwest but my biggest fanbase would have to be in Canada. We just came back from Montreal and Vancouver and we couldn't walk a block without people shouting "Dj Ace" and asking where's gucci. I really feel like canada is my biggest mark and the Midwest is second, my boy just called and said the west Is loving me so you know it's everywhere but Canada gots it I ain't gonna lie.

SSM-Tell us about the Triple F Life tour?

Ace-Aw man the tour was crazy, we just came off the drake tour before this an I only stayed with the family bout two months but that just comes with doing things you like, my lady understands and let's me know to go out and get it. I have to say the craziest thing about the tour was when people started throwing they clothes and one girl actually took her wig off on stage, that was a trip.. I've done crowd surfing and everything but that was the highlight.

SSM-Wassup with the bras and panties being thrown on stage at you Alien Warr and Waka did you trip out when it first happend?

Ace-It's not 4 or 5 people it's more like 20 people out here it's crazy because how it started somebody might throw a t-shirt hoping Waka gonna sign it cause they don't know what he gonna do.i was like hold up nobody better not throw nothing on this stage and Waka was like hold up we cool so the next thing you know we see pants,shoes and ain't no telling what else you see then one time it got real quiet on stage when we performing then somebody threw a bra on stage and i was like theres a bra then all of a sudden some more i'm like 1,2,3,4 i counted then here come some more i was like oh wee we doing it was a real experience right thurr TreDuBB.

SSM-So what was crazier the bras hitting the stage or the woman dancing o stage and then she takes her wig off?

Ace-The one where the woman took her wig off that one right there was a trip the whole club went crazy it was white girl looked like she was mixed with a lil Puerto Rican or something she was cranking it up and then when she took the wig off you know how it look on the movie when it go skeeerck and everything stop and i'm like what the neither one of those was the highlight to me the highlight was me crowd surfing and all that cause the crowd ain't never see no deejay do it before no what i'm talking

SSM-How can other artists get in contact with you to get you on there mixtapes?

Ace-Just hit me up on my cell phone (678) 851-0565 or send a text so ya know everything one million naw mean, or you can hit my other one (770) 630-2259.

SSM-I see down in Atlanta you and your daughter were standing on top of the deejay both dancing what was that about?

Ace-Yea my lil 8 year old daughter see i had never took her to a show before and she seen me on the Jimmy Kennel Show she seen me on 106 and Park she seen me on tv see i got 2 Daughters my 3 yr old was with my girl so i took my 8 year old man she been around music since Gucci Mane did Icey she look at Gucci like that's her Uncle so like i was saying i took her to her first show to see me perform cause you know how i do it i get on top of speakers i do whatever and she was like daddy put me up there so i put up on the dj booth and i was like since she up there i might as well get up there twirling around a BrickSquad Monoply and a Flatline Shirt in the air i was like oh ok it's going down man we deejayed the rest of the show from up me and my daughter.Don't no deejay do no show like that.


SSM-Do you feel comfortable with your success level?

Ace-I ain't ever comfortable with where I'm at, I like to where I've gotten and all my family eating good but you can't ever be to comfortable with where you at cause once you get comfortable you can't make anymore money... Can't ever be comfortable.

SSM-Out of all the artists you worked with who wold you say was the best?

Ace-Waka and i'm not jst saying it cause i'm out here with him now i done watched Waka go from performing and you see people fighting you see people just swinging on each other i mean folks throwing bottles at Waka on stage and i saw that on the internet i mean i never seen none of that before i guess i came in when he started to be a money maker and a business man plus he is a really funny character when he wants to be ya know what i'm talking about Waka will hit town unlike most rappers wanting to be in the hotel chilling Waka wants to go to every neighborhood,the traps and streets and kick it you know what i'm saying security always tell Waka they don't advise it but he does it anyway and you don't see to many artists that do that Waka likes to go where he feels the most comfortable at cause we all put our pants on the same way one leg at a


SSM-What are some of the websites people can go to get your mixtapes?

Ace-, has some of the Waka classics along with some idependent artists I've worked with or just google me, The Real Dj Ace just dropped that Trap God with Gucci an Dj Ace, did the Concrete Jungle with Frenchie and Dj Smallz.

SSM-What's your association with DJ Pancake?

Ace-That's my boy He is my assistant he do all my graphics,promo,internet promo,booking gigs,when i'm on the road or on tour he handles all my business i met him 4 years ago one of my homeboys brought him to me cause i had opened up a club and he wanted to deejay so i gave him a try he couldnt mix worth a damn but he had a good music selection and i just saw something different in him so i worked with him on his mixing and got his mixing on point.Now till this day if i get booked for a gig in South Carolina and i can't make that show they ask for DJ Pancake that's how good he is now.

SSM-Shout Out to DJ Pancake.

SSM-What you got planned for 2013?

Ace-Be looking out for alot, got that Waka Flocka Durant,TreDuBB I'm Legendary,Flatline Mixtape and Album(R.Mack,DJ Mack & AB Mack)Dreko new mixtape that i'll behosting,I got a mixtape with Alleyboy,one with Trouble and Alleyboy,Got Trap God Vol. 2 that's gonna be a hit Got that Wooh Da Kid also after 7 years i got that O.J Da Juiceman Juice World Volume 2 when i dropped Volume 1 the internet wasn't even around then i pressed them up and dropped it straight on the streets.

SSM-We see Waka Flocka Flame was looking for a place to skydive were you going with him?

Ace-Hell Naw


SSM-Anything else you wanna let the people and fans know?

Ace-yea I wanna say hit me up for them mixtapes I'm ready to work with everyone's budget, I know everyone can't do 4 or 5 thousand so I will work with what i was gonna say two dollars but imma i know everybody don't have 3 or 4 thousand dollars so we can negotiate a good price just hit me up. The difference between me and these other Dj's is they gonna take your money and just host your mixtape, when I do it imma host your mixtape and use your money to push it out there spend it on promo for our work DJ Scream gets my respect. Just look out for every independent artist I'm working with in 2013 alot of hot sh*t. Following me on that twitter @Therealdjace or hit me up for booking or mixtape hosting on my cell phone (678) 851-0565 or send a text!S/O SupaStars Magazine,TreDuBB,Flatline,Joseph Placke & Trill Spill TV.

SSM-Well we appreciate you for the interview and we had fun with yall on the Triple F Life Tour can't wait to see yall next year to do it all over again

Ace-Shout out to the UK,London,Amsterdam,France and Germany SQUAAAD!!!!!

This is Jp and Tre Dubb of SupaStars magazine checking out with Dj Ace of BrickSquad Monopoly SQUAAAD!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Gutta TV - Streets Talk I Listen (Hosted by DJ Dow Jones, DJ P Exclusivez) [Mixtape]

IamCompton - Bobby [Video]

Recording and celebrity tattoo artist, IamCompton introduces the next biggest 420 marijuana song "Bobby."

Rellik Ft. Kene Wayne - Get It In

"Get It In" is off Rellik's  mixtape King of the Backwoods, hosted by DJ Big House & DJ Dow Jones, available now on Livemixtapes.


Showbizz - Molly Cyrus [Video]

"Molly Cyrus" is off Showbizz' mixtape The Wait Is Over hosted by DJ Scream. Available now on Livemixtapes.

Twitter: @showieowie
Business Inquiries: